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Sheep Drenches

Sheep & Cattle Drenches In Australia

If you stock sheep you are sure to need sheep drenches to keep them healthy. Sheep are prone to many diseases and other problems, but with the right drench you can ensure that your sheep will not succumb to them. Blowfly strike and worms are two of the most common sheep problems. We have many different types of drenches, some of which will do two jobs in one – or even six in one, thus saving a lot of hard work as well as ensuring that your sheep remain in optimal health.

Most sheep farmers know that there are different drenches for sheep at different stages of their life. Newly weaned lambs have to have special attention as they now don’t have their mother’s milk to sustain them. Supplements for their nutrition often come in the form of drenches. Pregnant ewes also need extra care to ensure that they remain healthy and that they can deliver healthy lambs. If you are not sure what is needed, contact us to discuss the needs of your flock.

Caring for sheep is a constant job, but so is caring for cattle. Cattle drenches in Australia will ensure that your stock also remain healthy from worms, fluke, ticks and many other cattle diseases that can strike the herd that is not taken care of. Cows can abort their calves, get blackleg and have many other misfortunes if they are not drenched when they should be. We have all the medication you are likely to need, whether you run cattle or sheep, so call us today, or buy what you need online.

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